Auditions for Three World War 1 Plays …

  • Sunday Aug 26, 2018, 2-5 pm
    at ‘The Theatre’, 21 Boyd Road

  • Monday Aug 27, 2018, 6-8 pm 
    at ‘The Theatre’ 21 Boyd Road

All welcome, including those who’d like to lend a hand with set construction, props, make-up, costuming and the like. Details of the individual plays follow.

1… Fighting the Kaiser with Catapults by S.J. Edwards

Directed by Jaun Fisher.
Dur: 25mins approx

Showing the crowd farewelling Waihi men of the New Zealand Tunnelling Corps leaving by train to go into camp at Auckland. Image from Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19151014-50-5

A series of vignettes follows three different men, their relationships with the women in their lives and their involvement in the First World War. The scenes take place at various intervals between 1914 and 1916. Read the script online at

Characters required: 6 females, 3 males

  • James Brooks – Headmaster of a boys’ school
  • Emily Brooks – wife of the headmaster
  • Miss Stephens – secretary to the Headmaster
  • Tom – a seventeen-year-old boy
  • Mother – Tom’s mother
  • Charles – an upper middle class young man
  • Mary – Charles’ twin sister
  • Connie – Charles’ girlfriend
  • Rose – Recruitment Office clerk

2… Over The Top by Geoff Parker

Directed by Linda Haines.
Dur: 10-12mins

SPhoto from ‘Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19141203-50-3

The scene is a trench during the First World War. It is night and the stage is dimly lit.As a seasoned sergeant and a young recruit wait for the signal to go over the top they console each other about the position they are in. A sharp reminder of the folly of war with a very surprising ending.  Read the script online at

Characters required: 2males

  • Thomas – a Sergeant, about thirty years old
  • Michael – a young Private, soldier

3… The Old Lady Shows Her Medals by JM Barrie

Directed by Tracey Carter.
Dur: 45 mins approx

Showing Waihi residents dressed in costumes to represent the nationalities of the victorious allied countries of World War I. They were participating in celebrations to mark the official proclamation of peace in July 1919. Image from Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19190807-42-4

The plot concerns a charwoman, Mrs. Dowey, toiling in the London of 1916.  She and three friends, also charwomen, meet regularly in Mrs. Dowey’s flat for tea.  Since the three all have sons away fighting in the Great War, the constant topic of conversation are the battles and what news each has heard from her son. 

Indeed, there is a lively competition about whose son has higher rank and is more heroic.  The view of the three is that no woman can understand the suffering of the war unless she has a husband, brother or son actively fighting in it.  Mrs. Dowey actively joins in these discussions  because she, too, she says, has a son in the war, in the Black Watch in fact. 

To everyone’s surprise it happens that Kenneth Dowey is back in London on leave and meeting Mrs. Dowey’s friends, impresses them all.           

Characters required: 4 females, 2males, 1either

  • Mrs Dowey – a charwoman and a criminal
  • Mrs Mickleham – another charwoman
  • MrsTwymley – a third charwoman
  • The Haggerty Woman – yet another charwoman who has inserted hersef in their previousy happy little trio
  • Mr Willings  – a Reverend
  • Private Kenneth Dowey – a soldier
  • The ‘author’

Thinking about auditioning with the Waihi Drama Society?

Auditions are run by the director and a WDS committee member and generally last about 10-15 mins (unless stated otherwise in the audition notice). There can be a bit of waiting around to get your turn so take the opportunity to meet some new people and have a chat. Once you’ve read for your part, the director may ask you to stay and read again with different people in different roles. Auditions generally involve a cold read from the script, however the audition process varies with each play and director so we suggest you read over any notes before attending your audition.Susan