Get Involved


crew members

crew members observe action on stage

The best way to get involved in WDS is to become a member. We are always looking for fresh faces to join our ranks and bring something new to our stage.

As well as acting and/or directing there is plenty going on behind the scenes:

  • Backstage Crew
    Sets and props don’t move themselves so the backstage crew are vital to a production. You don’t even have to be the strong silent type – just willing and able.
  • Front of House
    These social butterflies welcome our guests, make sure they find their seats, and provide refreshments at interval.
  • Hair and Make-up
    You can’t play a part until you look the part. This talented team turn silk purses into sows ears … mutton into lamb … and vice versa.
  • Musicians
    We’ll hum it son, you play it. Music plays a large part in many of our productions and we’d love to put your particular talents to work
  • Set Design / Construction / Decoration
    The silent heroes of the stage … each show has a unique set lovingly handcrafted by a team of enthusiasts. Planning, building, and/or painting … we’d love to use your skills
  • Sound and Lighting
    Bang! Crash! Wallop? The sound and lighting crew give our productions impact and always add their own flair.
  • Costuming
    No-one wants to see our actors naked so help with costumes is always appreciated. Sourcing, sewing, designing, fitting … our costumers do it all.

If you’d like to know anything at all about Waihi Drama and how you can play a part (onstage or off) please flick us an email: or join us on FaceBook .